Keir Alekseii

Writer, Science Fiction & Fantasy


Keir grew up at the knee of Arilyn Moonblade, fought Thread on Pern, and hunted pirates with Sassinak.

In her writing, Keir hopes to build deep, fanciful worlds with compelling characters that you will never admit you cried with, for, or over.

She has published two short stories: The Clock Tower Girl (The Written Word Mag, October, 2008) and Silver Burdens (Lorelei Signal, July, 2008) and was privileged to become a Cropper Writing Workshop resident (2019) and a Poet-Author grantee (2020) to the MVCWI, which was postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In April of 2021 she became a mentee of Jennifer Azantian at Azantian Literary Agency and started her agenting journey.

Keir's Works in Progress

The Nine Nights of Maddie Singh

Madhura "Maddie" Singh lost her best friend 6 months ago. Maddie will do anything to bring him back-- including sell her own soul. Too bad her family is hellbent on saving Maddie from herself, even if it means stripping her of magic, forever.

Project Obeah

For the low price of lifelong indentureship, 22yo Junie can achieve her dream of stardom as a kaiju-slaying, magic-wielding fighter. But when Junie's old crush, Lin, ropes her into a rebellion, she'll have to choose: freedom, or fame?

Dungeons & Desi Girls

STEM Star Sunita: Level 5 Sorcerer, Lawful Good
Theatre Nerd Julien: Level 6 Bard, Chaotic Neutral
Disapproving Parents: Challenge Rating 12

A Nat20 might not be enough to save this teen romance.

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